Nitrile Rubber

We are delighted to supply L’isolante K-Flex as our manufacturers choice of Nitrile rubber insulation materials. A closed cell, highly flexible elastomeric insulation with a Class O rating. This product restricts energy losses as well as preventing condensation and risks of pipe corrosion and mould growth.

Pipe Section

  • Class O with a cut-to-length self-seal elastomeric insulation.

  • The innovative technology includes adhesive tapes either side of the pre-slit material enabling a quick and easy application for the installer.

  • All products meet the requirements by civil and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing, water pipes and all other applications that need thermal insulation.


  • Class O and ideal for sheet metal ducts and large size pipes.

  • Available in standard and self/adhesive.

  • Hot and cold applications, chilled water lines, heating systems and air conditioning ductwork.

Ancillary Products

  • We stock a full range of tapes, glue and paint.