Helping Schools

Merit have been delighted to continue our work with Business-2-schools, facilitating the donation of unwanted office furniture to schools, throughout the pandemic.  At a time where the education sector have faced huge challenges remodelling classroom’s and other areas within their schools to provide additional space to safely allow pupils back to school whilst adhering to social distancing this initiative has been as important now as it has been ever.

By giving us permission to generously donate unwanted furniture to schools, our clients have made a huge difference to a multitude of schools throughout the UK and we thank them for being a part of what we believe is a truly worthwhile scheme.

Here is a snippet of some recent feedback which is always heartening to receive…   

“The donation was particularly timely due to Covid-19 as it came just as the closure of schools was announced and lockdown measures were put in place. If it had not have been for the generous donation from the Merit Group our school would have been left without appropriate furniture for one of our settings which we had to remodel to provide additional space for pupils as a result of coronavirus social distancing requirements.

It was absolutely amazing that when we were unable to collect the furniture personally due to staff having to self-isolate and we were having to contemplate that we might need to forego the donation, the Merit Group came to our rescue and packed the furniture into Luton vans and drove it over to us. Your van driver was fantastic in helping us move the furniture into our building.”

Headteacher, College Hall, Wokingham