Merit partners with Business 2 Schools

The Merit Group have been committed to organising the disposal of our client’s unwanted furniture items in a responsible way for over ten years.  We are proud to have helped a number of local schools and charitable organisations by providing them with furniture that they would otherwise not have been able to afford. 

We were absolutely delighted to recently partner up with the like-minded organisation ‘Business 2 Schools (B2S) to drive this initiative forward.  Merit fully embraces the belief of B2S that…

By donating your unwanted office furniture and tech through the Business2Schools platform, we are able to make schools in the UK an even better experience for children and students.  If we help improve the infrastructure in schools, provide them with faster computers and help create a more aspirational environment; our children will be inspired.  If we are more ethical about recycling our children will benefit.

By supporting the B2S scheme and working alongside their dedicated team we have been able to facilitate larger and more frequent donations.    

We are thrilled to genuinely making a difference to the staff and pupils and we are excited to continue making a positive impact in schools alongside Business 2 Schools in the future.

Please visit or call us on 0800 210 0175 for further information on donating furniture or receiving furniture on behalf of a school.