Recycling & Reuse

Merit follow the Waste Hierarchy Model whereby we seek to reduce, re-use, recycle, recover and dispose in that order. 

We will first seek to identify whether items can be used within the client’s estate. 

With our client’s permission, we will then commence our reuse process where we organise and distribute unwanted furniture to schools.  For over ten years we have been making a positive impact on the working environment of many local schools by donating them furniture that would otherwise be disposed of.  We were delighted to recently partner up with Business 2 Schools (B2S) to drive this iniative forward and significantly increase the amount of schools we can help.  

Our dedicated recycling centre within our premises is then utilised to responsibly sort, compact and recycle any unwanted items and packing materials that are not suitable to be re-used.  Items are broken down and separated into cardboard, wood, metal , plastic and general waste.  On-site recycling equipment can only be operated by trained personnel. 

Following the completion of reduce, reuse and recycle Merits aim to be left with minimal general waste.  Nonetheless, Merits organise any remaining waste to be collected and recycled by Equinox Ltd (our preferred recycling partner) in a bid to continue the sustainable process of disposing waste responsibly.  They have a vast amount of experience in the industry and are highly trained to overcome any obstacles that may confront them to achieve zero waste to landfill.



How furniture items were distributed in 2023




"Just wanted to say a big thank you to the whole team for all their hard work and support this year which is very much appreciated. As usual we have had another busy year, all deadlines set have been achieved and the turnaround on projects has been extremely efficient.

Highlights this year would be that we finally completed the ongoing storage project which has been ongoing for the last couple of years in May when we finally handed back 4 floors of unclaimed storage. The team managed the clearance of storage by separating the waste into 15 waste streams, when we started this project, we only had 3 waste streams, so you can appreciate this project become very time consuming but was also very successful in meeting targets requested by us.

We also removed majority of under desk peds from across site 14 buildings circa 4,700 pedestals, which has resulted in 95% of users now not having pedestals which will also help with cost savings with future restacks. The team have also support IT in the refresh roll out across site of around 80% is now complete,  we aim to finally complete 100% across site early next year with this activity.

Finally reducing the offsite storage facility held by Merit by 55% and meeting the target set."


We are delighted to have enhanced the working environments of the following schools and charities through our furniture donation scheme in 2023.


Types of furniture items donated in 2023



"I am writing to say a huge thank you for the furniture donations we received this week from your company. As you are probably aware, school budgets do not allow the luxury of new furniture and so this was an amazing opportunity for us to upgrade our furniture and it has benefited the children, teachers and me.

We received grey meeting chairs that have replaced some much-loved old computer chairs for the teachers in their meeting room and seven black meeting chairs that have replaced the stained, green material chairs that I had in my office. I have had so many compliments about the difference the chairs have made to my office and how professional it now looks.

Finally, we received two immaculate armchairs that have been placed in two classrooms to add to the reading area. Again, a real luxury for the children to have a comfy armchair to relax in whilst reading.

Amy’s, at Merit, efficiency and communication has been outstanding and we would also like to thank the delivery driver who was prompt and helpful. This has been a wonderful experience for us as a school, and hopefully other schools might benefit from this opportunity in the future."

Fairview Primary School


"I am writing on behalf of Walderslade Girl’s School to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous donation of furniture to our school. Your contribution is a valuable gift that will make a significant difference in the lives of our students and staff.

Your willingness to support our school is deeply appreciated and we are truly touched by your generosity. The furniture you provided will not only enhance the learning environment but also improve the comfort and functionality of our classrooms and common areas. This, in turn, will create a more conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning. Your donation goes a long way in helping us meet our mission of providing a quality education and nurturing the growth and development of our students.

It is donors like you who make it possible for us to offer our students to have the resources they need to succeed. We are committed to using the furniture wisely and ensuring that it benefits the entire school community. Rest assured that your contribution will have a positive and lasting impact for years to come."

Walderslade Girl's School


"I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for the incredibly generous donation of bulk furniture to Greenacre Academy. Your unwavering support has made a significant impact on our school community, and we are truly thankful for your kindness and generosity.

The furniture you provided has found a home in various spaces within our school, enriching the learning environment for both our students and staff. The classrooms, common areas, and collaborative spaces have all been enhanced by the addition of these high-quality furnishings. Your donation has not only improved the aesthetic appeal of our school but has also created functional and comfortable spaces that promote a positive and conducive atmosphere for learning and working.

The impact of your donation extends beyond the physical enhancements; it has touched the lives of our students and staff, creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and a sense of community. The pieces of bulk furniture that you have donated have been integral in providing our students with a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. Our staff members also appreciate the improved workspaces that contribute to a more productive and positive work environment."

Greenacre Academy


Thank you for your kind donations. The opportunity to have new furniture for the staff room is a real luxury - we can’t afford to spend money on areas that don’t directly affect children’s learning. Our staff will be better able to do their jobs as a result.

Mr Hindman, Headteacher at Bisha Luffa Cofe School




I just wanted to write and thank you for last week’s delivery – it was great to receive such high-quality furniture additions for our school.

The pod, in one of our Y1 classrooms, is a huge hit; the stools have been a welcome addition to our library and the tables and chairs are placed in offices and meeting spaces and look great!

May I also thank you for the efficiency, the speed and the professionalism from start to finish – I have been most impressed!

Simon A Wood, Executive Headteacher, Copperfield Academy


We are delighted with the items we collected last week, they have started to be added to the school environment and have made a fantastic difference to our spaces.

All of your staff were so helpful and just lovely to spend the morning with!

Colette Doran-Hannon. Headteacher, St Thomas More Catholic Primary School


The biggest win for us is the money we save from our tiny budgets on chairs and furniture, which can be redirected to the children's education. 

For example, this term we will be paying £400 for an in-school science show for the children, for their science week, as we no longer need to replace the broken chairs, all thanks to your kind donation.

S J Oram, Headteacher, St Stephen's Catholic Primary School Welling 

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