Voice & Data


Fixed Telephony

With the planned withdrawal of the UK ISDN services, now is the ideal time to review your options in replacing legacy systems and services. The natural solution is either Hosted or Cloud, but with so many providers and products available, the process of selecting what’s right for you can be quite complex. 

Our Hosted platform is a complete communications service for your business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easyto-use web portal. The service allows you, the administrator, to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity. Communicating through desk phones, PC soft client and mobile app, you will benefit from increased operational efficiencies.

Inclusive benefits

  • Auto attendant, queuing, music on hold
  • Call recording, reporting and analytics
  • Unified communications throughout multiple locations
  • Inclusive minutes and free inter company calls
  • Audio and video conferencing

Wi-Fi Networks

With constantly increasing demand for wireless in the workplace and with more devices accessing critical business resources wirelessly ensuring your Wireless LAN solution is capable of providing the coverage, capacity, security and redundancy to keep your organisation operational is critical to your business success.

Through a range of carefully selected vendors we can provide: 

  • Wireless LAN Planning and Implementation
  • Wireless LAN Security
  • Specialist Point to Point Wireless Solutions
  • Outdoor WiFi
  • Guest WiFi / WaaS

Direct Internet Access

Demands on the performance of Internet connectivity have dramatically increased with the proliferation of cloud delivered business-critical applications and expectations around the quality of voice services and data transfer speeds. 

Our Direct Internet Access (DIA) services provide a fast, robust, always available solution, for organisations that rely on high performance Internet connectivity. Optimised for business applications such as Azure, AWS, Gamma and CDNs, DIA ensures that data gets to its destination via the most efficient path using Border Gateway Protocol and dynamic routing algorithms to regularly assess global network changes. 

With totally uncontended and symmetrical bandwidth, DIA services benefit from the performance of our next generation global network.


FTTC / Business Broadband

High speed FTTC broadband providing essential internet connectivity for business users.  

Our business packages are specifically designed to meet key business requirements such as traffic prioritisation during peak times.

  • Up to 80Mbps Speed
  • Elevated Best Efforts and Enhanced Care Options
  • Range of Monthly Usage Allowance Options
  • UK Support Ream




Leased Lines

A highly available, ultra-fast fibre leased line provides essential connectivity to client sites through a range of carefully selected suppliers to meet both your budget and availability needs.

Access a range of additional datacentre services not available through traditional internet access method such as Hosted VoIP and Backup.

  • From 100Mb to 10Gbps Low Latency Connections
  • Uncontended Guaranteed Bandwidth 
  • Robust SLA
  • 24/7 x 365 Monitoring and Support